The Different Grounds for Divorce in the United States

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United States is one of the countries which allow divorce. That being said, statistics show that the divorce rate of the United States is 3.2 per 1000 population. For about 2 million marriages, there have been 800,000 divorces.

Indeed, divorce attorneys play an important role in the USA. Choosing the attorney is quite the challenge for spouses wishing to terminate their marriage. 

For those of you who are looking into the aspect of marriage in the United States, it is important to know a little more than just the definition of divorce. Naturally, you would first process your fiancee visa through, let’s say, the law office of Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg; afterwards, you would probably start planning for your wedding. However, before all of this, you must know better on how marriage works in the United States and how it is terminated.

Divorce, in the United States, may be due to fault or no fault at all. These two are further discussed below.

No Fault Divorce

In the United States, people are allowed file for a divorce even when no fault is found in either of the spouses. The parties are allowed to terminate their marriage through mutual agreement. There may be some States wherein they would require both parties to come up with reasons as to why the other is incompatible or why they have grown apart.

Needless to say, USA also has divorce by fault. Some of these faults are discussed below as grounds of divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

  • Mental Illness

When a party wishes to terminate marriage on the grounds of mental illness, that party must be able to prove that the mental illness is permanent and incurable. Doctors, such as a competent psychiatrist, may be needed for further evidence of the alleged mental illness.

  • Cruelty

A spouse who is in the hands of a cruel partner may also file for a divorce. The filing spouse must see to it, however, that the physical or mental abuse is repeated, calculated, and intolerable. Furthermore, the filing spouse must also prove that he/she did not provoke the other spouse bringing about the cruelty complained of.

  • Abandonment

When a spouse has left the marital household for no justifiable reason, this can be considered as abandonment. In some cases, refusing to have sexual relations with the spouse may also constitute abandonment.

  • Adultery

In the USA, sexual activities and sexual behaviors with another person, regardless of sex and even without full intercourse, constitutes to adultery. For this ground, circumstantial evidence and other documents that serve as evidence may be used to strengthen the case. 

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  • Criminal Conviction

Usually, for criminal conviction to be a valid ground for divorce, the conviction for illegal offense must have required the spouse to serve time in prison.

  • Sexual Issues

Being sexually incompatible with the partner may be a ground for divorce. Further sexual issues such as impotency and other intimacy-related issues may support divorce. In the case of impotency, the couple must not have consummated the relationship for this to be used as grounds for divorce.

  • Substance Abuse

One of the many issues resulting to a divorce is substance abuse. Here, studies have shown the correlation of substance abuse and domestic violence. Thus, if your friends try to get you to do something crazy before you die like using prohibited drugs and what not, scratch that idea from your mind as early as now.

Top Eight Things You Should Definitely Try Before You Die

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walking underwater

Most of us have probably heard of the saying that goes “an unexamined life is not worth living” or perhaps, we have been told not to just exist but also to live. All these maxims pertain to the notion that we must take risks in life, that we must experience adventure, and that in order for us to truly live life at its best, we must not be afraid and we must be willing to experience new things.

WIth this in mind, people have come up with so many crazy ideas as to the things we must definitely try before we die. Here are our top ten picks of the must-trys.

8 Things You Must Try

Walk the ocean floor

If you’ve not seen the beauty of the ocean floor then you are missing out in life. One of the prettiest things you could ever witness is the actual seabed alive with different marine creatures and organisms. Fortunately, many beach resorts, especially in tropical areas, present their customers the opportunity to try walking on the ocean floor. In fact, this activity is one of the most popular tourist activities today.

See the Northern lights

The Northern lights is one of the most amazing products of nature. These dancing lights which seem to look artificial, as they look too good to be true, are actually caused by the collisions of electrically charged particles originating from the sun and entering the atmosphere of earth. There are different places you can go to in order to witness this magnificent sight, places like Denmark, Finland, Scotland, Alaska or even Canada are some of these places.

Visit a safari

Experience what it is truly like to be in the shoes of Simba in the famous Disney movie Lion King by visiting an actual safari. Several safari parks present the best view of wildlife and this is definitely something you should not miss out on.

Climb a mountain

Mountain trekking or mountain climbing also part of the things you must try in life. The experience is amazing; along the way, you actually learn real lessons in life from the virtue of patience as well as the feeling of accomplishment once you have reached the summit.

riding a hot air balloon activity

Drive an exotic car

Just for the sake of having a “strange in the familiar” type of experience, you should definitely try driving an exotic car. Luckily, this does not mean that you have to purchase one because awesome car rental companies like actually offer them for rent. And by exotic, we really mean luxurious.

Hot Air Balloon or Parasailing

Both these activities have one common denominator and that is the fact that it involves heights; this is a great way to step up your game. Once, or even more than once, in your life, you must definitely experience what it is like to be out in the open and high up in the clouds. It will definitely guide you in appreciating life much more than you do now.

Skinny dipping or nude beaches

Perhaps one of the most classic things you should try before you die is to go skinny-dipping. Basically, skinny-dipping means going for a swim completely naked; it is a great and fun experience. Similarly, nude beaches are also a must-try especially if you visit Australia.

Gaming Technology: Tips in Building Your Gaming Room At Home

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personal gaming room

Every gamer’s dream is to have their very own gaming center where they can have their own mini gaming event. Whether it be located in the living room, or a specially designated room, a gaming headquarter is much appreciated. This is the safe haven for gamers who want to spend all day and all night playing their favorite video games.

And if you’re one of these gamers who are planning to set up their very own game room at home, you’ll probably find this article useful. Here, we will be tackling about the important factors you need to consider when establishing your own game center.

Without any more delay, Here in Caritig, we will help you go through the important factors.

The Space

First and foremost, you have to have your own space. A regular-sized room is probably the most ideal space for gaming. Take note of the size of the room as this may be important for the setup you want to go for.

The Screen

One of the most important things you need to decide on is the type of screen you want to get. Some gamers like to stick with regular television screens or flat screens; however, there are also those who like the quality of gaming projector screens (like those you can get from Outdoor Movie HQ) better than just television screens.

The Sound System

A surround sound system is always great. But if that’s beyond your budget, you can just secure a set of good ol’ speakers (and perhaps, an amplifier may go along with it as well). Moreover, you might want to soundproof the room so as to not disturb your family or the neighbors. But if your games aren’t that crazy with sounds, then this is not really necessary.

projector for the gaming room

The Seats

Always make sure to secure comfortable seats. Lazy boy chairs are the best but you may also add in normal couches and even bean bag seats. Most importantly, secure seats that will give comfort to the players.

The Wiring

Wires will be here, there, and everywhere in a gaming room. Hence, you’ll have to find a way to ensure the safety of the wiring system. As much as possible, keep the wires organized so as avoid tripping on them (among other concerns). Furthermore, you might be needing extension wires for this aspect.

The Lighting

Although there is really no specific type of lighting for gaming rooms; make sure the area is lit according to the set-up. For instance, gaming room making use of projectors might need a lighting system that’s not too well-lit so as to bring out the rich colors which the screen will project.


You may also add in a personal touch in your space. Paint the room according to your preference, mount some pictures on the wall, and basically, decorate the room as to how you want it to look like. You don’t have to do all of these at one time as that may be too costly but you can make additional changes in your room gradually.